Core Values

At PlanVest, our Core Values drive everything we do.

Core Value #1 Financial Planning

  1. The process builds trust and put the focus completely on the needs, wants and desires of the clients to ensure we have a clear understanding of their situation.
  2. Demonstrates that we have their best interest in mind and conveys professionalism
  3. Allows the client/advisor relationship to be established by setting clear objectives and expectations upfront
  4. Adds an element of trust, but most importantly it gives our clients more confidence that they will be able to achieve their desired lifestyle.

Core Value #2 Fiduciary Standard of Care

  1. Provide impartial, unbiased advice acting in the best interest of the client at all times.
  2. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ you can expect professional, knowledgeable and personal advice.
  3. A fee only business model to align interests

Core Value #3 Independence

  1. No proprietary investment funds. No corporate mandates, sales contests or quotas as incentives.
  2. We have the depth of products and services to meet the range of financial planning needs.
  3. We adhere to a target asset allocation most appropriate for your goals. The investment management solutions we recommend are governed by an Investment Policy in accordance with your specific financial goals
  4. We rebalance based on market movements and reallocate your portfolio with the changes to your personal situation.
  5. Employ ETF’s and other passively managed investments to control costs and reduce or eliminate manager fees.

Core Value #4 Technology

  1. Account aggregation and online collaboration makes meeting easy and also saves valuable time.
  2. Stress test your financial plan for unexpected down markets, high inflation or increased tax or medical costs.
  3. Take a look into the future by testing your financial strategies before you make critical decisions through live computer generated simulations to make collaboration simple.

Core Value #5 Commitment & Service to the Community

  1. We are in this community and in this business to provide sound financial advice and an exceptional client experience.
  2. We meet regularly to review your financial plan and investment portfolio and update as needed.
  3. We respond promptly for client inquiries and questions
  4. We deliver this service right here locally in the community that we have grown up in and feel privileged to serve.
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