Are you a fiduciary fee-only advisor?

Yes! And if you're not sure what that means, you can read about fee-only advising here.

Where is my money held if I work with you?

I work with TD Ameritrade as my custodian to hold my clients' accounts. You will have full online access and a mobile app to access your accounts. Your money will be held with this custodian at all times.

What if I decide to stop working with you? How do I transfer my money?

While I certainly want to invest in long-term relationships with my clients, you are always in control of your money. Your money is held with a standard custodian and you have the option to stop working with me any time and you can continue to access your money or move it wherever you want.

How do you get compensated?

PlanVest is a fee only fiduciary. Meaning that we charge a fee for our services and do not make any additional fees for the products or services that we recommend. It is important to us that the client knows that every recommendation we make is solely in the client’s best interest.

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